Olav's date

Posted on August 21 2015

Olav Quiet Rebellion sock lover

Every Friday for 13 years, Oläv - the accountant and part-time ornithologist - has left his office early, mo-ped to Lake Sognsvann, which is just North of Oslo and attempted to collect tarsometatarus scales from the feet of wild ducks. 

Three Fridays ago, Oläv forgot to take his Quiet Rebellion socks off before taking the plunge. The subsequent results have been quite startling. The entirely intriguing, eye-catching patterns on the soles of his Quiet Rebellion socks have lured in inquisitive birds from afar. Using his socks as a distraction, Oläv now has all the time in the world to delicately remove scales from the feet of his now mesmerised subjects. In just 3 weeks Oläv has collected more scales in the last 2 dives than during the last 13 years combined. 

Oläv emailed Quiet Rebellion HQ this afternoon with this photo and a short message saying: “I thought Quiet Rebellion socks were all about the ridiculously soft combed cotton, bright coloured soles and slightly odd connections to historical rebels but they are so much more than that!”. 

Next Friday afternoon, Oläv plans to go on his first date for 13 years. And by god, will he be wearing his lucky Quiet rebellion socks.