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The Gentleman's Journal is going (Quietly) Rebellious

February 10, 2016

Great to be featured in one of our favourite men's fashion and lifestyle magazine's...again!
Valentine perfect gift socks Quiet Rebellion Gentleman's Journal
GIFT GUIDE: Girls, this is what you need to get your man this Valentine's Day - Style, by Patrick Tillard, 10th February 2016. Other brands to be featured in same article: Caran d'Arche, Tom Ford, Paul Smith, Taschen, J. crew, Le Gramme, Dries Van Noten

Gentleman's Journal Quiet Rebellion socks
How To Stay Sharp When You Work In The City - EDITORS PICK, by India Gladstone, 21st September 2015. They say: 

Socks are something that – more often than not – are overlooked. You may have always thought that you have to wear the same kind of dark, subtle socks and we are fully aware that dressing this way can become pretty mundane. Hear us out before you throw the “I’m not allowed to wear coloured socks at work” excuse,because Quiet Rebellion are bringing you a way that you can spice things up

Other brands to be featured in same article:  J.CrewGieves and HawkesRichard James Oliver SweeneyTom Ford & Hugo Boss


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