Oläv's Predicament

Posted on August 31 2015

Olav and Quiet Rebellion socks

Many of you have been asking about the success of Oläv's date on Friday night. In the mind of anyone but a complete madman, it must be said that it didn't go well. To be honest, it didn't have time to go well. 

For sure, he did all the right things - he booked a fancy but slightly curious restaurant (curious because the building originally housed the largest collection of stuffed albatross in Norway - a strong early ice-breaker and easy way to direct conversation to the safe ground of his much loved passion of collecting tarsometatarus scales from the feet of wild ducks).

He went to the barbers on the Monday, so his hair looked smart but not pre-cut by the Friday.

He shaved on the Wednesday night, allowing 2 days of optimal stumble growth, before the 3-day ginger tinge. 

On Thursday night, he popped into the restaurant, acquainted himself with the menu and picked a romantic spot in the corner. He made sure to speak to three out of the four waiters with the hope that familiarity with the waiter would impress Miss Snovläk. 

Most impressively of all, he bought some new Agent Zigzag QRsocks, hoping to imbue the gift of the gab in himself and show that he was a global trend setter.  

The thing is - and we hate to admit this - after his success with the ducks, it seems Oläv put a little too much  faith in Quiet Rebellion socks. Indeed, when poor Miss Snovläk turned up to "The Stuffy Albatross", she was greeted by Oläv and his socks. That was it.  And then that was it for the evening - she left without allowing him to talk about albatrosses or ducks or run his hand through his kempt hair or scratch his unkempt stubble. 

Oläv, a little distraught, has now put his faith in Quiet Rebellion once again    - seen as no one in the Quiet Rebellion team sees anything particularly wrong with what Oläv did, we need your help - what should Oläv do?