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The Most Wanted Man in London

Posted on September 20 2015

Quiet Rebellion sock lover

In 1960, Ernesto Lolo graduated from the University of Havana with flying colours - unbelievably he came top of tripos in Physics, Law and Spanish Literature, whilst writing first class dissertations for four of his best mates in four additional subjects. (It’s worth noting that as in the UK today, one subject per student was the norm). 

Ernesto, a genius if ever there was one, had been offered internships in London at every top law firm, consultancy, bank - in fact there wasn’t a professional services company that hadn’t cleared a desk in the hope of being able to attract Ernesto.

So when the Cuban embargo came into force in 1960 and Ernesto had to postpone his internships, there were many disappointed CEOs in London and one very disappointed Cuban. 

Now with Cuba’s re-entry into the world, Ernesto has packed his bags and is set to start a year of two week graduate internships in London. Being the clever clogs that he is, during this year he will be riding a Quiet Rebellion bicycle. Spot him or his QR bicycle around London and you'll get 15% off all QR socks. Just add the name of the street where you saw it as a promo code at checkout. 

We wish Ernesto the very best of luck!