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A Farmer's Pickle

Posted on November 17 2015

Pigs and Quiet Rebellion

You may remember 2 months ago that our first large sock delivery completed the final leg of its journey thanks to a kind and enterprising farmer.

As a thank you, we sent Mr McDonald some QR socks. Like any sane man, he now, of course, only wears QR socks - and this includes when wearing his slightly over-sized wellies. Given the fine (but highly durable) combed cotton composition of QR socks, his wellies are now more prone to slip off than before. 

Indeed, yesterday afternoon, Mrs McDonald became worried that Mr McDonald had taken a lot longer than usual to do the afternoon jobs so she went looking for him. 

Lo and behold she found her husband stuck in the mud, as he has been for close to an hour. Even worse, he was stuck in the mud with the famously vicious "Pudding" and her piglets.

However, the ever-ingenious Mr McDonald had devised a cunning strategy to keep Pudding & co at bay: he would throw individual apples as far as he could, wait for Pudding to gobble them up and viciously lollop back towards him, before chucking another one as far as he could.

Fortunately for us, when Mrs McDonald saw the situation she decided to take photos of her nearly-consumed husband. Of course, she - as does any one who ever meets Mr McDonald - had the completely justified knowledge that this pickle was no pickle for a man such as Mr McDonald. 

Welcome to the Quiet Rebellion Mr McDonald.