This pattern celebrates Imhotep (c.2650-2600 BC), the ancient Egyptian architect.

Arguably history’s first known engineer, Imhotep invented the use of columns in building structures, which has since underpinned a breath of designs from humble cow sheds to the glorious Coliseum.

His thinking was both radical and innovative and his designs even helped bring an end to the dreaded seven-year famine.

With widespread popularity across the social orders, Imhotep was accorded the highest honour of divine status after his death, which was a remarkably rare feat for a commoner.

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Imhotep Socks Quiet Rebellion
Invincible Trio Socks (3 pairs) Quiet Rebellion
Tremendous Sextet Socks (6 pairs) Quiet Rebellion
Daring Dozen Socks (12 Pairs) Quiet Rebellion
Enormous Eighteen Socks (18 Pairs) Quiet Rebellion