Rob Roy

Rob Roy

This design celebrate the life of Rob Roy MacGregor (1671-1734), the infamous Scottish outlaw.

At just the wee age of eighteen, Rob Roy joined the Jacobite risings led by “Bonnie Dundee”, which sought to reinstate King James II on the throne.

For the next thirty years, Rob Roy flirted with various uprisings in the Scottish Highlands, often taking up arms against the establishment. Alas, after many close shaves, Rob Roy eventually surrendered, only later to escape briefly before being tragically recaptured soon after.

Despite his unruly past, his mass popularity was such that he was granted a royal pardon. Bar the odd duel, Rob Roy spent the rest of his days peacefully with his cattle.

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Dreamy Trio Socks (3 pairs) Quiet Rebellion
Wild Sextet Socks (6 pairs) Quiet Rebellion
Triumphant Sextet Socks (6 pairs) Quiet Rebellion
Defiant Sextet Socks (6 pairs) Quiet Rebellion
Small Only
All Stars Socks (12 Pairs) Quiet Rebellion
Daring Dozen Socks (12 Pairs) Quiet Rebellion
Enormous Eighteen Socks (18 Pairs) Quiet Rebellion