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Agent Zigzag Socks


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These fun men's office socks celebrate the rebellious life of Eddie Chapman, a.k.a., Agent Zigzag (1914-1997), who went from unruly criminal to unsung war-hero.

From his Jersey prison cell, Chapman duped the Nazis occupiers into parachuting him back onto English soil by presenting himself as a German spy. Yet, on landing, he sauntered into MI6 and became Britain’s most remarkable double-agent.

Through feeding misinformation back to the Germans, Chapman successfully diverted bombs away from London, saving many British lives.

This was achieved whilst playing out the most unconventional and chaotic personal life which entailed balancing two fiancées on either side of the war and rearing his beloved pet pig, Bobby.

Made from luxury combed cotton, these unique socks are perfect for men who work in an office and are looking for some quirky fun. As the perfect gift for him, you can also buy these cool socks as part of our sock subscriptions.

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