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Annie Taylor Socks


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These fun men's office socks celebrate the adventurous mission of Annie Taylor, the Queen of Mist, who chose her 63rd birthday to become the first person to plunge over the Niagara Falls in a barrel. 

On 24th October 1901, the plucky pensioner clambered into her barrel, accompanied only by a lucky heart-shaped pillow, and braced herself for the journey of a lifetime.

 The Queen of Mist flew off the edge of the roaring waterfall and plummeted into the waters below. Remarkably, she achieved her extraordinary exploit and was left surprisingly unscathed.

The droplets on your socks celebrate the boundary-breaking fearlessness of this unconventional daredevil who knew that nothing was impossible. 

Made from luxury combed cotton, these unique socks are perfect for men who work in an office and are looking for some quirky fun. As the perfect gift for him, you can also buy these cool socks as part of our sock subscriptions.

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