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Montgolfiers Socks


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These fun men's office socks celebrate the life of the Montgolfier Brothers: Joseph-Michel (1740-1810) and Jacques-Etienne (1745-1799).

Joseph, a hopeless dreamer and impractical maverick, stumbled upon the idea of a hot air balloon while contemplating how they could enter a closed fort.

With help from his younger brother, his crazy idea soon became a reality and they set out to Versailles to exhibit their invention to Louis XVI.

The brothers convinced a local sheep, a duck and a rooster to board the inaugural flight which successfully rose 1,500 feet and then safely landed.

Made from luxury combed cotton, these unique socks are perfect for men who work in an office and are looking for some quirky fun. As the perfect gift for him, you can also buy these cool socks as part of our sock subscriptions.

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