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Rubik Socks


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These fun men's office socks celebrate Ernӧ Rubik (1944-present), an eccentric Hungarian professor.

Determined to bamboozle even his brightest students, Rubik resolved to design a puzzle of apparent physical and spatial impossibility. Finally, with rubber bands and wooden blocks, he constructed what was to become the heralded Rubik’s Cube.

The Toy Industry oligarchs, however, rejected the cube as too complex for the simple minded masses. Fortunately, Rubik knew otherwise. Today, as the world’s most successful toy, one in eight of the world’s population have tried the challenge – with only a fraction completing it!

Made from luxury combed cotton, these unique socks are perfect for men who work in an office and are looking for some quirky fun. As the perfect gift for him, you can also buy these cool socks as part of our sock subscriptions.

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