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Tupac Amaru II Socks


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These fun men's office socks celebrate the life of Tupac Amaru II (1738-1781), the heroic champion of Peruvian independence and indigenous rights.

With Spanish Bourbon rule oppressing the native population, Amaru longed for a revival of the Inca age. One evening he sprang upon the inebriated Spanish Governor, kidnapped him and stirred a passionate uprising.

Amaru’s insurrection gathered popularity, but the betrayal of two of his officers precipitated its capitulation.

Amaru’s rebellion was the first of many to challenge Spanish rule and his romantic legacy continued to inspire many uprisings long after his execution.

Made from luxury combed cotton, these unique socks are perfect for men who work in an office and are looking for some quirky fun. As the perfect gift for him, you can also buy these cool socks as part of our sock subscriptions.

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